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70th Annual Hamtramck Singles Classic

Welcome to Michigan's richest bowling tournament, the tournament you don't have to win to make a profit. With guaranteed prizes of $20,000 for 1st place and $10,000 fro 2nd place you can't go wrong. You can either organize your own squad or join a squad.
7/16 7PM: Nathaniel Gillespie SPOTS AVAILABLE - Fast Cash

7/17 10AM: Kenny McNeil/Patricia Isabell   SPOTS AVAILABLE
7/17 3PM: Nathaniel Gillespie    SPOTS AVAILABLE

7/18 10AM: Patricia Isabell   SPOTS AVAILABLE
7/18 3PM: Nathaniel Gillespie   SPOTS AVAILABLE

7/23 10AM: Earnest Neal   SPOTS AVAILABLE 
7/23 3PM: Earnest Neal   SPOTS AVAILABLE
7/23 7PM: Robert Hunt/Earnest Neal   SPOTS AVAILABLE

7/24 10AM: Robert Hunt/Ernie Sanders/   FULL 
7/24 3PM: Ernie Sanders/Robert Hunt/Antoinette Wright/Patrick Cole   SPOTS AVAILABLE
7/24 7PM: Dale Smith - SPOTS AVAILABLE - Fast Cash

7/25 10AM: Robert Hunt/Ernie Sanders/Earnest Neal   SPOTS AVAILABLE
7/25 3PM: Pam Wiley/Hardwork/Edwin Pert/Earnest Neal   SPOTS AVAILABLE & SENIOR ONLY SQUAD!
7/25 7PM: Doug Williams/Earnest Neal   SPOTS AVAILABLE

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