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70th Annual Hamtramck Singles Classic

Welcome to Michigan's richest bowling tournament, the tournament you don't have to win to make a profit. With guaranteed prizes of $20,000 for 1st place and $10,000 fro 2nd place you can't go wrong. You can either organize your own squad or join a squad.
May 1st 12pm: Vision Lanes League Bowlers Only 
May 6th 7pm: Greg Nash
May 7th 2pm: Iris Delane / June Coleman - FULL
May 8th 12pm: Iris Delane / June Coleman - FULL
May 15th 10am: Courtney Piotracyk
May 22nd 2pm: Starlyn Carter
May 28th 7pm: Termite’s 9 pin no tap
May 29th 2pm: Raylon Patton

May 29th 10am: Termite  
May 30th 10am: Termite

June 4th 10:30 am: Ernest Neil
June 5th 2pm: Greg Kendrick
June 6th 10am: Greg Kendrick
June 19th 3pm: Martina Gardner
June 19th 10am: Deron Payne/Clarence Roquemore
June 20th 11am: Deron Payne/Clarence Roquemore
June 20th 11am: Lisa Lewis
June 26th 11am: Dale Smith
June 27th 10am: U.N.I.T.Y.
June 27th 2pm: Jake Ciraulo / Jeremy Dixon (mandatory jackpot squad)

July 17th 11am: Patricia Isabell / Kenny McNeil
July 18th 11am: Patricia Isabell
July 23rd 10am, 3pm,7pm; Earnie Sanders
July 25th 7pm: Doug Williams

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